UNIVERSE  in my perspective 

How insignificantly magnificent we humans are!


Word universe induces many types of urges and feeling in everyone’s heart, I hardly believe there will be anyone that is not smitten by the grace of the stary night sky and by the vastness beyond it.

For me night sky is beautifully sad,

 yeah a unique expression but here’s the explanation, when  ever I looked up in night sky I felt like I’m not complete something is incomplete and that remaining part which is going to make me complete is up there between stars and beyond them, I have no idea as to why such intense feelings but I love it, it gives me that “my own” kind of feeling towards universe.

Everyone knows universe as we know and according to science it was born some 14 billions years back and it is expanding since then. It’s vastness is  beyond the comprehensive ideology of most humans, it’s not hard to accept the complexity and possibility of life on atlest one piece of rock which is floating in the universe since time and beginning.

Most of us have made our petty life here on earth as it is the only things that ever has to be and nothing else matter beyond it, this term “educate the masses” is taken slightly  wrong, what we are educating now a days is not called Learning it’s called Remembering .

There is a huge difference between it.

Anyways as  we are teaching past to our future generations and you guys have to accept it that books only don’t teach everything until you try it out yourself, so this little fieldwork of taking a sneek peak into past of our universe is like the most easily available experience whereas the past that we teach to our kid is impossible to experience, choice is yours !!!!

Even out scientists says that on an  molecular level universe and us humans are made up of the same carbon fiber,

Isn’t this thought intriguing that  carbon which is floating around like thousands of light years away from me is some how linked to me 

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