The word “I” is where we have all come down to, degradation was very vast and lengthy but finally we have reached a pinacl of being alone even with our own self. Finally we have reached to a level where body’s natural instinct of telling something is wrong out there can be manipulated by  huge […]


What is hurt.?   Why is this whole world high on this drug named HURT.? Why does one get hurt, This is the definition of hurt by one of the renowned dictionary portals in Google: DEFINITION Likewise there are many question coming to life when one sit to think about what it means being hurt. Every basic […]

Tramatized population 

Everyone is TRAMATIZED in this world. Some are because of some physical problem. Some are troubled by the extravaganza of their imagination. I’m not saying imagination is bad, but instead use it for the purpose for which imagination was give in the first place. People are suffering from a drastical phase of being TRAMATIZED by […]

Superman !!!

In this time all we can do is to do things on our  own, till date humans have made this as their mentality that someone else is going to come and change the way it is, all that holy books says this is all that fiction movies potray is but people are being blindfolded by […]