Superman !!!

In this time all we can do is to do things on our  own, till date humans have made this as their mentality that someone else is going to come and change the way it is, all that holy books says this is all that fiction movies potray is but people are being blindfolded by these ideas of “superman” ..
We are that  SUPERMAN  for whom we are waiting for everything is in our power and our reach, it’s just that we have developed a habit of not doing our own work.

We live in this sick world where being rich status is termed by how many people you have to do your work for you 

Doing things on our own will give us back the value over things living things which unfortunately we have lost.

This rat race of momentarily gain is a great distraction from who we really are and this is hardwired into this generation and it’s being labeled on the up coming one too, which is the saddest thing. 

Deliberately forgetting what we are and who we are

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