Tramatized population 

Everyone is TRAMATIZED in this world. Some are because of some physical problem. Some are troubled by the extravaganza of their imagination.

I’m not saying imagination is bad, but instead use it for the purpose for which imagination was give in the first place.

People are suffering from a drastical phase of being TRAMATIZED by their own mind and we call it mindset, why to state something that is very impulsive in its natural state. This term “mindset” is responsible for creating millions of evil and antisocial elements in our world. The list of being TRAMATIZED is lengthy and vast, I’ll try to cover things that are in my heaps.

1)First and foremost we all are worried about what will I do next !!!.  That’s actually the worst thing to be worried about because we don’t even know That will we be able to take the next breath in, and we are worried about what will happen when I turn 60!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That’s exactly how these insurance companys are growing up by inculcating fears of things that have not​ occurred yet and may not occurred in future but we buy it because we are TRAMATIZED.

2)we are even​ afraid of talking to a random person sitting next to us in buss or train. TRAMATIZED by past experience of rejection or ignorance, but forget 2 things in it ☝ that was past and it’s not coming back until you bring it back.✌ even he must have faced same rejection and ignorance like you did, now it depends on you how you want to shape this world.

With rejection and ignorance 


Helping yourself and others to over come this useless and insensitive wall of sofestication 

You are the creator of your world 

This world is full of TRAMATIZED feelings and TRAMATIZED people, give love and make it a place worth living on 

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