What is hurt.? 

 Why is this whole world high on this drug named HURT.?

Why does one get hurt,

This is the definition of hurt by one of the renowned dictionary portals in Google: DEFINITION

Likewise there are many question coming to life when one sit to think about what it means being hurt.
Every basic explanation or experience leads to one statement

When my wish is not full filled

The biggest criminal existed ever in every aspect of life, had the same notion of “my wish to be done”. Then how are we any different from the criminals we so utterly feel disgusted from ??

We are not different then anyone, we are one with everyone and everything around us. When we start to understand and feel that flow of  oneness miracle unfolds gradually. Back to being hurt and what it has to do with human lives, we often get upset form various situations and circumstances, it is good to be upset this gives you the proof of how human you are.

Being able to feel hurt is a blessing because it is then when we understand what was there to learn from the situation that we have been eluding till then. 

A key to stop this suffering of hurt is very easy and very difficult at the same time.

Its a knowledge that has to be given to the person when he is willing to accept it.

To know more drop down to comment box and muster up the will to accept it ! 

I’ll reply to each one 

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