The word “I” is where we have all come down to, degradation was very vast and lengthy but finally we have reached a pinacl of being alone even with our own self. Finally we have reached to a level where body’s natural instinct of telling something is wrong out there can be manipulated by  huge pharmacy sectors, where individuality of person is taken as an alien beheviour. Our basic emotions are molded by the cast of society’s​ verified vision.

Congratulations are indeed in order….

We are living in a dream something will change,  IT WON’T. I can say that because I can see the staricase which we all have been walking down from generations.

And everything was started by this one stand alone alphabet.

What is the relationship between I and ego?
is it wrong if I think I’m above some ?

Is it wrong to think to I’m best then others ? 

Asking questions about “I” before knowing anything about ‘we’ is useless and unproductive. It will always boost the wrong moral, a moral which is in desperate need of to be forgotten for good.

My master​ once said. 

Expand your ego to such and extend that everything is yours and you or reduced to such Dept that there is not comman platform you can have any competition with anyone 

I’d like to see how many of you could explain me what my master ment, let’s see how many of you could understand it

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