Anger = salt,

Only after reading this many people already Made this decision that a species of cuckoo bird prefer my head as their nesting place. 
BUT, that’s not the case.

Anger is something similar to salt each and every emotions are like other elements in food if you add extra salt to food it’ll ruin the taste same is other way around. Does it sound similar it’s the same case with anger but here in this cauldron the other elements are the emotions of an living being.

When is anger born? 

When you are doing something against your will, when results are not as you expected, when your will is not done, and more.

The end line is, anger is born out of your want, stop your wants and watch your anger go away because it’s your want that drives anger in intial stage.

I agree it’s difficult to control around some of the Tom dick and Harry, because they tend to know how to get you flying high on your kite of anger, infact you can learn from such kind of people because they exactly know how will you react to their actions or words, they know how to get the most important power out of you which is your attention. Attention is the power which helps them to gain power over you, 

  • Note- Try this with your parents​ and you’ll receive a flying chapple 👞👟👠👡 definitely👌 .!!

😂😂😂😂 I suggest do try though​. 😂😂😂😂😂

Honestly being angry does more harm to the person who is angry rather then on whom he is initially. 

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