Wake up call!!!


What a wonderful feeling of being loved by that person who means the world to us. Ever lasting moments of never ending talks, unlimited chats and butterflies in stomach. No pleasure on Earth can compare the euphoria that love gives builds up in a person.

It’s the best feeling in the world, everything starts to seem full of colours and joy. Day to day chores become difficult as all the time mind is replaying the memories and times sepnt with that loved one making everything else useless or pointless. Every thought is related to that one person every action has only one purpose that is to bring the smile upon the face of that one person around whom our whole world infact whole existence seems to revolve.

That boasting in front of our friends and then borrowing money from them itself at the end of the month because our pokets are already empty. Borrowing their​ car for the long ride you promised your girl. Delibratly switching sides with your girl while walking on Streets just to make sure she meets no accidents. That beautiful stare which every lover does with that person which melts them and lovingly they will push you away for this one moment whole universe is willingly sacrificed. 

All those lies we have told to our parents to keep our love a secret from them, but my friends they already know something is wrong stop being Sherlock Holmes with your parents. END WORD THEY KNOW. It’s frightening I know as I have been there myself. Those late nights talks after being tucked in your blanket and acting asleep when they come to check on you, those times when you lie to your parents for some kind of fees and spend those money on your girl (I don’t appreciate this).

All this and much more my whole life would  not be enough to express the feel of love. 

But  even with all this love in us why have we confined our love to just for boyfriend or girlfriend, 

 Is it  that only this  relation offers love. No, only this relation offer physical love other then love itself, we have been Miss guided in understanding what love really is and the biggest role is played by our entertainment media and everyone is following it blindly because this kind of love is easy to achieve, I personally think it’s very hard to find someone with genuine feelings and it’s freaking easy to get laid. 


 If someone doesn’t understand your love for them don’t worry, let them be let them go it’s just that they don’t have the receiver which can decode your signals, 

We are like radio set, do you throw your radio if it is not able to receive one specific signal, you try to receive other signal and stay tuned to the one with Crystal clear sound, 

It really makes me sad people nowadays commit sucide, and the reason for their sucide is  LOVE. 

How can love which is so beautiful feeling an language of universe can be the reason behind someone’s sucide. The main reason behind someone’s sucide is that they are stuck in that only love and are blind for the love they are receiving from everyone else, heck whole universe is in love with you or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Billions of sprem racing to coming into existence why the fuck you reached first, think on it,…

Love will Never be in taking because giving is in itself is love 

Life the result of a sperm who won the race with one billion other sperm, you have no right to throw away his thropy of life. If you face problem, don’t worry everyone does best part of problem is they don’t stay and Best part of love is it doesn’t leave you. Guys if you think you know so who needs a little reminder that love is not lost please help them and spread the LvOe!!!!

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