Never Ending Thirst!!!

How many of you people who are reading this are running right now to reach somewhere? I believe each and everyone one of you is in the race. Did you guys know since when did this race started on individual level?…

 It was started from the time you were born and it will go on and on till the time you draw your last breath on this piece of rock. 

I believe everyone has seen marathon race or knows about it, In it they have this refreshments stalls on certain intervals. This makes me think refreshments used for marathon race rejuvenats one’s self makes them feel fresh once again to get that extra mile covered up, what do we have in our race of life in our thirst to come out first. Hmmmmm………🤔🤔🤔 I cannot find one thing that acts like the refreshments in the actual race where you have to really run or you’ll die. Many of you have other oppinions right now and are thinking this guy is nuts, I have many things as refreshments as in to check what’s my bank balance, to look at my achievements, my trophys, my this, my that this list is Never ending.

Let me ask those people does your modes of refreshments actually rejuvenats you refreshes your mind and body or it adds up more stress to it more depression, I know there are people who would say  yes it does rejuvenats, all I say to them is _____. But for those who connects with this, do you know why your modes of rejuvenation adds more depression then refreshed mind and body is because.

First your mode is called materialistic mode. Everything that is materialistic will Never give long lasting peace or happiness. It will create more sorrow then happiness, the happiness you get out of materialistic things will give birth to jealousy because materialistic happiness is measured by comparing with another person’s possession. Whenever you go comparing your things to other people it will always give birth to two basic emotional state, first jealousy if that other person has more then you and second unnecessary boast of ego if that person has less than compared to what you have. 

End line both will lead to sorrow and depression in the end.

If you guys can connect with it then read the second mode it will give a way out .

Second mode is contentment on materialistic achievements. Everyone in today’s world is in middle of the battle of NEED VS WANT. Your wants are mostly fueled by your overly bloated ego and your needs are the necessary things you require to live. Many people have miss labeled their wants to needs, simple eg:- basic functionality of a smartphone is satisfied by any normal Android mobile but just to quench your monstrous ego “you need to have IPHONE”. Can you see how your wants are labeled as needs. 

Rather then keeping track of your bank balance keep track of your ego, doing so will lead to a peaceful live with feeling of contentment as we say in Indian dailog “SOOKUN WALI ZINDAGI”

May the force of peace be with you ✌

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