Something is wrong !!?

What is wrong with people nowadays, why have we turned into some mindless & heartless brute, what do we get by destroying someone to the extent of them committing suicide, how badly do you have to break someone for them to leave all the hopes of living happily. All this just because they can’t stand up the standards of this mentally unstable society. How come being such an mentally unstable society even think of advancement if by chance we got advanced then all the rebellious movies which we have seen till date will become reality but the only thing which won’t be there in reality is the rebel heroes that turned everything around for a new start as we see these movies,why because all of you have been turned insensitive successfully.

Have we taken a wrong turn down the lane. Why have we become so lonely, why do we want to compete with everyone on everything, what happened to us why do we get the feeling of disgust rather then feeling compassion. It’s said you can only give what you have so should I think that we all are completely stripped naked of love, of compassion, of brotherhood.

In the name of brotherhood we came up with the clans whose only focus is to create chaos it applies to the whole world, I’m not directing it towards any specific culture each and every culture has these types of maniacs who thinks life of other living being is mere casualties compared to them. These types of people are so confident in their beliefs they can kill in cold blood and go have dinner after washing their hands. They are dead inside they can’t hear that their soul is screaming on it’s top voice to do otherwise to show mercy to help an unknown life, because their ears are all filled with the scream of all the innocent they have destroyed, and this is yet not the worst part of it.

What’s more worst then destroying someone is letting someone get destroyed, the so Called good people out there in the world who cries watching a person dies in movie but walks past a beggar who is not acting he is really hungry he has really nothing to eat no place to call it a home we walk past them as if they are going to steal something from us. Are we only capable to show emotion while watching a movie have we become so fake that even the emotion that we have are fake emotions. Why aren’t we approachable or is it that we have made up this in our mind that everyone is happy in their life no need to help. Everyone is in a hurry, what are we hurrying for, to match some deadlines. What will these deadline give in the end, some good multiple digit bank balance, what after that.?

Happiness cannot be purchased and neither will any materialistic objects grant real happiness whatever you hear about on the internet like “those who say money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to go shopping” really ??? Are you guys really this dumb that you don’t understand the marketing gimmick. Many won’t agree with me on this but it’s fact buying from these companies will fuel the chaos we are right now in, the standardized beauty, and many more like this will keep fuelling the gap between each other.

Why aren’t we happy with what we have already, rather then dying to get approval of this fucked up society, where there are billions of humans living below the poverty line most of the days the don’t even get anything to eat at all and yet we hear everything is fine and go to sleep peacefully while knowing there is someone out there who is going to die tonight because he didn’t eat anything from many days. FUCKED UP SOCIETY WE ALL ARE, ain’t doing all this to get some numbers to my blog I’m doing so y’all sleeping beauty will wake up and see how bullshit is Everything is and how much work we have to do, don’t take for granted that some Prince will come and kiss,

it will be a kiss which will wake you up but it will be the kiss of death, the end of life on your death bed. What would you tell your grandchildren, coz all you did was busy filling up your bank account and being selfish so any really needy person won’t take anything from you which will be the only way he can live another day. Wake up my people wake up life is not worth living this way, if we have to live like this then what’s the point of being a human.

Love, smile and let’s make this world a place Worth for our grandchildren imagine what a wonderful gift it would be. Imagine what amount of stories we would have to tell them on our death bed.

Do something so great for someone who cannot do anything for you and watch the chain reaction taking place in front of eyes, a life size nuclear reaction. Won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it!

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