Im in deep love with Shri Shri Ravishankar since last 5 years. I have had the sense of “being taken cared” from the first time I lay my eyes on him the first time I did #sudsrshankriya i knew I was loved deeply and all I had to do was love back that’s all I have being doing till now. I have had many many major “taken cared by ” secenario in my life since 2014. I had to share this one because this showed me if you give that, what is ment to be given it will create an impact, impact so massive it will change the person within the core . So here it goes …

I was very tired from the trip which I went with family on Tuesday. On top of it have been suffering from cold and cough since Thursday going back and forth to doctor and chemist because I need to get back on my feet and get alright . So basically I was very week taking leave from office and Home, but I wanted to do LONG KRIYA IN GURUDEVS VOICE since I’m home on leave and im sick so best thing to do is kriya, but believe me on Sunday morning like all rest of us I had major double mind of ” should I go or not ” I’m sick anyway I have an excuse for me. I still went with double feeling of resting on my bed and being in morning long kriya. I was super charged by the time I finished it, I was feeling so weak that I was considering not going to office on Monday too if I continue to feel the same but I was energetic by the end of kriya in his voice, so I come home back to do my normal day routine, home had been a mess as I was not well fixed it and in evening there was one more mesmerizing evening waiting for me there was this event of VIKRAM HAZARA JI. Name of the event was GURUABHIVADAN evening was more then what I anticipated, was blessed to be with 300 guru Pooja happening around me and I’m some how a part of it, made me feel so happy and blessed. After finishing the event while returning home I had some prasadm with me. Me and another lady named Vasudha Raut ji were together for the ride back home but getting a rickshaw in Goregaon East amphitheatre is very difficult task . After hearing lots of of “NO” a person finally said “YES”, both of us praised Gurudev and on with the journey . As I was blessed by todays experience and evenings enchantment I had to pass it on, no Matter what I give but I have had to pass it on the happiness I had in my chest . As I mentioned earlier I was carrying prasadm with me I just put my hand in the bag and grabbed whatever I could without really thinking about it, but out of complete love and his blessings. When I got down I gave him what I had just grabbed for him and told him ” ye Prasad hai isko ache Maan se khana tumhara sab acha hooga ” these were my words. I reached home now emptying my bags to find my cellphone missing and it struck me, I had left it in rickshaw, something sank in me but it came back up knowing who is looking up for me. I was sad but end result was inevitable, I had to bear a loss of my cellphone all my data everything gone and on top of it I have a new cellphone to purchase so more money to give away somehow but I was not as panicked as I was a moment ago. I kept trying my cell wishing someone would pick up. I tried to the point of loosing all hopes of having any chance of getting my cellphone back, but as a miracle he picked my last try for the night ,I was relieved knowing someone atleast picked up ,it was that auto rickshaw driver. He was not able to pin point the location exactly which lane he dropped me, I rushed milind to the spot I was still tensed will they find each other will the guy pick up again . 10 mins down the line I again called my number from my neighbours cell and upon that I took a breath of joy and peace to hear milinds voice on the otherside.

Driver was a young guy maybe in his 30s , probably driving because he has to make ends meet for his family or what not . He could have done anything with it , who knows but if you give what is ment to given it will always create impact.
Now this is the conversation between milind and rickshaw driver
Milind ~ just kept thanking him for his good work and returning cell phone showing honesty and character , he offerd some money in return but he got offend by it, it moved me to much too much .

Rickshaw driver. These were his exact words
” Vo aunty ne pyaar se prasad diya issi liye mai wapas aaya, warna ye tho mera tha( that aunty gave me blessings out of love thats why im back to give otherwise i wouldn’t come.

This is it .this is it.

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